Nitix TOP1 of Let’s Play Varna

“Let’s Play” is the most prestigious gaming events in Bulgaria, this time it has returned to the sea capital – Varna.

During Let’s Play Varna, which took place in October 27th and 28th, the best Bulgarian StarCraft II players gathered together to share their passion and play together.

One of our PRO roster players, Nitix, attended the event for the 4th time and claimed the 1st prize once again. We are very proud of his achievements in the game and wish him even more luck and good results in the future!

It was fun seeing the Bulgaro crafters again. We don’t get many chances to see each other irl. I enjoyed everything, especially the kpop dances, they were great. Thanks to Wolf’s Lair for sending me there, I hope they’re happy with me wrecking everyone in Bulgaria and thx for cheering 4 me~

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  1. Go Nitix!

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