Once again the Bulgarian scene provided us with lots of StarCraft 2 action. This time a LAN tournament took place in Sofia, where the best 8 players from all over the country met to take a part in the Bulgarian StarCraft League. Ours Nitix and Wanderer made it to Wolf’s Lair finals and showеd some very intense ZvT games. We took 2 short interviews with both of them to know their overall impression from the tournament, have a nice read!


You played one P, one T and one Z throughout the tournament. Did you like the matchup variation or had you better play your best one?
Playing against different races is harder to prepare for. The good thing is that they cannot really see what your strategies are so that’s the benefit of it. Right now I feel like my TvT and TvZ are at a similar level even my TvP was OK-ish. Looking at my past I always struggled with playing against protoss players and this patch is definitely not helping me there.

Why do you prefer to play bio in TvZ instead of abusing mech like every other terran?
I’ve been playing bio in TvZ for more than 5 years I just don’t have even close to that time frame with mech. Also, I respect Nitix and I know that he can beat mech and he showed it in the tournament as well.

Do you think the fact Nitix spilled his lucky wine helped you to win?
Perhaps. Spending his energy on the passionate commentary during the TvT before the Finals might have helped me more though 🙂

How hard was it to play with the handicap of not drinking any alcohol? (We suppose you did not).
Yes, I didn’t. I prefer to keep my mind as pure as I can during stressful situations or competition. I hate when my judgement is clouded. Honestly, I really wanted to win so I just try-harded as much as I could.

Did you make it up for yourself and party after the tournament with the prize money?
Might be a wishful thinking for some and a pleasant experience but being a true gaming nerd I would invest the prize pool into a video card in the near future :). We had a very nice talk with Numi after the tournament in true terran manner (even though he is protoss). We whined at the balance of the game, spoke about Deepmind stuff and yeah just starcraft stuff in general. I’d have chosen this way of celebrating a victory any time as I love discussing the things I am passionate about. Being a party-animal was “never” part of my true “spark”. I have enriched my life experience being a victor for the first time. The very moment Nitix wrote that “GG” in 5th game. That was my celebration.

Anything to say to the fans?
I appreciate the love and the support you’ve given me. I am looking forward to improving and experiencing better results. Hopefully, I will have more epic games to show in the future.
Thank you.


You mentioned this had been your best lan event by far. What do you think made this event special compared to the other ones you have been to?
It felt like a homestory cup, that’s why. And getting a chance to cast was super fun.

You were definitely having a lot of fun on the casting couch! Was that your first cast ever and is this something you would like to do more in the future?
I’ve done some casts before, but only online. It was my first offline cast, and i really enjoyed it and i’d love to do it more often, though my casts are not something that can be had as a main dish. It’s more of a dessert.

Let’s rewind your 3rd game vs btmn. That was a game you won but watching it on the stream it looked very close till the last moment. Can you please tell us what was going on in your mind while playing this game?
I was almost as confused as i was in the first game. I scouted a third that had no probes so i was sure he was doing some kind of an all-in with a fake third, but then he started probing it, then he attacked and the game became super weird, but i kinda felt that if I make enough ravagers i would be able to hold and be in a relatively good position since i killed his third base.

In the finals vs archangel you were feeling very confident. Obviously, he played really well all games and surprised you, but if you could replay the series again do you think the result will be different?
The first game would have been a 100% loss. I forgot about this build. 2nd game a loss again. 3rd game was the proxy rax which i won. The fourth game i don’t remember. The last game i was in a pretty solid position, except i didn’t look at my minimap and no alert went off at my third, so when i went there instead of 16 drones i had 2 or sth thanks to a gaggle of hellions. I think that if i had better concentration and paid more attention to the minimap I would’ve been able to take the 5th game and then bounce back, but you never know. He played extremely well, something I didn’t expect, and even though I’m sad about the result, I’m excited about the future, knowing that there is another really strong player in Bulgaria!

There are still many tournaments going on in Bulgaria after all those years. Why do you think that is and what is your opinion on the Bulgarian starcraft community?
Even though we don’t have many (or any) top players in Bulgaria, we have a disproportionately high number of solid players (top Masters and GMs), something that other countries don’t, and I think that is one factor that helps. There is always at least 7-8 really good players in Bulgaria, with 2 or 3 who excel at some point.

Anything you want to say to your fans?
Thanks for cheering, even through dark times. I found a flaw in my game that is hard to fix, but I haven’t left the hyperbolic chamber ever since I left Sofia, and I will come back stronger than ever before.


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