It was back in 2012 that Wolf’s Lair was founded with the very idea of building up a worldwide gaming community with transparency, integrity, and passion, where gamers support each other as equals, without discriminating based on religion, origin, nationality or gender; all gamers, all human beings. More than just a team, our aim was to make our fellow gamers feel at home and be a family. We value our community very much and have fun because we believe that fun leads to success.

What began as a small organization now evolved into a huge community with members all around the world. We aim to be the best in competitive gaming with a code of conduct and ethics, focused for now in Starcraft 2, with the honor to fight in the successor of the very game that created the eSports industry.

We are wolves, we are the pack. We never lose; we either win or learn. We are strong because we have been weak; we are fearless because we have been afraid. Come support us for the glory of the battle before the battle gods! For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack!