Challenge The Wolf

Welcome to the CTW Event!

We are very proud to announce the first of an upcoming event in which you can compete for top-of-the-line gaming products.

This will be a gauntlet-style event wherein participants will play versus a Wolf’s Lair team member whom they choose from the provided list with points assinged to them.

The prize pool is comprised of the following items: 5x Headset CORSAIR Gaming VOID PRO RGB USB Premium

Some Ground Rules

Challengers are required to confirm their presence (check-in), which will start 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. Not confirming the presence results in disregarding the challenger from the event.

– Unless agreed otherwise, challenger will be disregarded from the event queue if he doesn’t appear within 10 minutes from the end of previous match.

– Player privacy settings should be set up so player can be contacted by other administration.

– Default server for the games is EU unless agreed otherwise by both participants.

– Only commentators and administrators can stay in the match.

– If the player loses connection to the internet during the first 5 minutes of the game, the game will be repeated. After 5 minutes in the game, the game will be continued using “Resume from replay” 5 seconds before the disconnect occured. If the player after losing the connection does not return to the game after 10 minutes, the opponent receives a walkover.

– Third party software that provides advantage for the player is not allowed. Using it will result in disqualification and ban from future events.

– Players are required to treat their opponents and administration with respect.

The Format

– Challenger will pick opponent to play against. Each Wolven player has assigned a number of points that will be rewarded to the Challenger depending of the result of their match. Later those points will influence the raffle where winners will be chosen.

– All matches are BO1.

– Current map pool applies throughout the event.

– Match will be played on the map selected by the Challenger.

The event will be casted by @SymphoniCsC  & @NakamuraRTS on 23RD of September via


To register please use the following link: 

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